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White beans with Clams

Product: White beans with Clams

Container: Metalic Ø99x64mm

Net weight: 420 gr.

Drained weight: -

Category: Platos de cuchara

Asturian  beans of La Granja certified with Protected Geographical Indication, prepared with clams, which offer a seafood flavor to this legume.

Heat in the few microwaves or heat the tin to the bain-marie until reaching the temperature for ingestion.

Asturian beans PGI (47%), stock, clams (mollusc)(19%), seafood fumet (water, velvet crab, crab, spider crab)(crustacean), fried onion (onion, olive oil, salt), olive oil, garlic, white wine, sea salt, clam meat (mollusc), parsley, black pepper, saffron.

Nutricional facts for 100 gr.
Energy 88,00 Kcal.
Carbohydrate 9,70 gr.
Sugars 0,00 gr.
Salt 0,64 gr.
Protein 6,20 gr.
Total fat 1,20 gr.
Saturated fat acid 0,20 gr.

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Proyecto: Instalación de placas fotovoltaicas para autoconsumo (Expte: IDE/2022/000844)

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